Experiential Consulting

Arts Programming
​​​We are ready to help you advance your arts programming to the next level! Our team of artists will help your participants create different artwork. At the same time, we will help your organization connect with the community to fundraise, sell artwork, and organize events. 

​​We transform traditional sheltered workshops and adult day programs into community-centric programming.  We believe that everything you need to make this change already exists:  abundance and creativity.  We respond to the unique interests and talents within your organization.  

Keynote Presentations

​Our founders, Susan and Patty discuss current challenges, such as meeting the new guidelines from The Center for Medicaid Services. They share their innovative approaches and key takeaways from using The Creative Abundance Model to transform spaces just like yours!

Introducing Our New Fundraising Consultant - Linda Smith

Creative Abundance Consulting is fortunate to have forged a partnership with the foremost expert in the field of disability resource development in the country. Our fundraising partner, Linda Smith (www.lindaslife.com) is an icon in the fund raising, community relations and development arenas. Linda has raised over $450 million for disability organizations in her storied career. She has pioneered cutting edge development processes, board development techniques and multi million dollar signature events.  She is fearless and fabulous and we are proud to have her on our team. 

Experiential Consulting

What We Do

Creative Abundance Consulting is based in the interconnectedness of community and the existing wealth of the creative spirit.

"To say that changing our program over to Creative Abundance has been life changing sounds cheesy – but it’s true!  The excitement and enthusiasm that they brought to the program has transformed the way our consumers feel about their day program.  Watching the interaction, creativity, and talents grow on a daily basis is amazing.  People who have been known in the past to be a wall flower are now out in the community spreading the message about the new and exciting things that we are working on.  The end result has been a tremendous amount of community outreach that we really struggled to achieve in the past. Our local community has embraced our effort and  industries are finding it easy to partner with us for their “upcycle-able”  items that they otherwise would have gotten rid of.  The collaboration has created a new buzz for us – something all agencies are always trying to pursue!" - Michelle Leonard-Smith, CEO/Executive Director of Abilities Services in Crawfordsville, IN