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Program Consultant/Evaluator

Carolyn Guercio-Wisler
Board President


Creative Abundance Consulting, LLC provides consulting and training to organizations who are seeking alternatives to traditional institutional programming.   By using the Creative Abundance Model, Creative Abundance Consulting, LLC  is helping to transform services for people with disabilities all over the world!


From very different backgrounds, Patty Mitchell and Susan Dlouhy have created a powerful approach for supporting people with perceived differences.  Patty is an artist and Susan is a program administrator. As consultants their combined approaches creates responsive, engaging and community centric programming. Upcycling Sheltered Workshops is the culmination of their combined experiences.  Their work is also featured in a documentary entitled Creative Abundance, produced by PBS/WOUB at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio.

Patty Mitchell is the Chief Executive Officer of Creative Abundance Consulting.  She has worked for more than 20 years as an artist and social innovator specializing in collaborations between artists with and without perceived differences.      

As an Artist in Residence Patty Mitchell has helped organizations nationally and internationally start up arts programming ventures. Some examples: Our Town Studios, Flor de Arte, Soaring Arts Studio, Passion Works Studio, Hope Studios, Kudo Studio, Kan Du Studio, Dream Out Loud Studio, Colores del Alma, Just Imagine Studio, AccessPoint Studios.  

Ms. Mitchell received a Distinguished Alumna Award from Ohio University’s College of Fine Art, Ohioana Citation for Art and Education, Individual Artist Award from the Ohio Arts Council, Citizen of the Year from Civitan and The Keystone Award from Ohio University for outstanding community service. Patty Mitchell received her BFA and MFA from Ohio University's Fine Art Photography program. She is currently a Community Fellow at Ohio University with the Barbara Geralds Storytelling Institute.

Susan Dlouhy is the Chief Operating Officer of Creative Abundance Consulting.  She has worked for more than thirty years in a variety of administrative and executive roles supporting people with disabilities. She served as the director of two  non-profit agencies in Ohio and has consulted with organizations in more than 20 states.  Ms. Dlouhy worked as the administrator for a statewide association for twelve years, where she developed training and provided technical assistance to sheltered workshops and day programs across Ohio.  She was also a CARF surveyor for more than 25 years.

She is also the President of Norwich Consulting Services, which provides technical assistance and training in the areas of community employment, strategic planning, and executive leadership mentoring.  She has served as the interim director for numerous organizations and has helped transform programming to the Creative Abundance Model.  Ms. Dlouhy obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from Kent State University and her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from The Ohio State University.   She currently served on the Board of Trustees for VSA Ohio.

Laura Cummings is the Program Consultant for Creative Abundance Consulting.  Her primary role on the team is to conduct preliminary and follow-up assessments to determine the impact of Creative Abundance Consulting's on-site work.  

Laura has more than 10 years of experience in employment, day programs, residential, self-advocacy, and friendship programs for people with disabilities.  Laura currently works with Norwich Consulting Services as a Program Consultant.  She has conducted grant reviews for the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council, as well as staff and consumer surveys for non-profit agencies.  She is also the co-presenter for the NCS Job Coach Academy and Job Development Academy.

Laura graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education, focusing on developmental disabilities and habilitation. In 2013, she received the Nonprofit Management Certificate from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). 

Linda Smith

​ Innovate.  Motivate.  Create.  Inspire

"The Creative Abundance Group is committed to improving the lives of individuals who have traditionally been marginalized by our society.  We embrace a model for social change that recognizes that we already have everything we need:  abundance and creativity."

Patty Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer



Writer, Motivational Speaker, Fundraising Consultant, Forever my son's champion

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Creative Abundance Group

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Dr. Lynn Harter
Board Member

"The history of disability services in the U.S. is characterized by the segregation of individuals perceived as different and the unintentional suppression of their voices and potential.  I am excited to serve on the board of Creative Abundance because it is flipping the script of disability services. Creative Abundance and the programming it  supports emphasizes imaginative self-exploration and community integration. Creative abundance offers a much needed alternative model for how to organize opportunities and environments so diverse individuals can thrive. "

"The Creative Abundance Group has developed authentic, experiential and supportive programming that respects individual interests and create environments for staff and administrators to be inventive and responsive."

"As a parent of an adult child on the Autism Spectrum and a person who has worked in the field of DD for almost 30 years I am all too aware of the limited opportunities that have been the norm for so many people before and during these years.  By transforming everyone's expectations and creating a wealth of art and community based experiences, this model will enrich the lives of all persons who receive disability services.  I am very excited to serve on the Advisory Group to help assure this change continues."

"As a professional working in the developmental disabilities service system, I believe we have an obligation to enhance the lives of the people we serve.  It is both a pleasure and honor to serve as a board member for The Creative Abundance Group as our Team is totally committed to enhancing people’s lives through abundance and creativity.  Our board and our staff all share a passion for quality services and a commitment to meaningful outcomes."

Dan Ohler
Board Member

Fred Williams

Board Member

"Growing up with a brother with a disability led me to a career working with people with disabilities. Even from a young age, I recognized the people who had a positive effect on my brother’s life. I knew that I wanted to be one of these people who could make a difference."

Creative Abundance Group

A fearless and tenacious fundraiser, Linda Smith has revolutionized the principles of non-profit fundraising, community relations and event management in Las Vegas, Nevada and throughout the world. As the Senior Executive Vice President for Opportunity Village, Nevada’s largest organization for people with disabilities, Linda gained an international reputation as an innovative leader, motivational speaker, fundraising guru and most of all, a humanitarian.

After raising over $450 million for Opportunity Village, Linda recently left the organization to spread her talents and help others around the world. In 2015, Linda secured the largest single gift of $35 million dollars for a disability organization, in 2016 she followed up with a $40 million Estate gift. During her career, she originated and organized hundreds of innovative events to inform and educate the public.

The Opportunity Village Resource Development Department, overseen by Linda, generated $10 million plus dollars annually for programs through special events and annual giving programs she has largely pioneered. Career highlights as a fundraiser and administrator are numerous and impressive, and include:

• A five-year effort by Linda to involve superstar vocalist Celine Dion in her charities mission, culminating in Ms. Dion’s selection of Opportunity Village as her charity of choice in Las Vegas, and in her performance at a bene t concert on the Las Vegas Strip raising $1 million dollars in a day.

• Creation of the Christopher Smith Endowment a social recreation and arts initiative named for her son, through which people with profound disabilities have access to programs to enhance their physical and creative talents and boost their self-esteem.

• Capital campaigns and Endowment Campaigns totaling more than $200 million. Linda recently launched a comprehensive Capital Campaign with a 5 year goal of $136 million by 2018 and raised $141 million in gifts and pledges by mid-2016.

• Creation of the Magical Forest, an outdoor holiday spectacular, which grosses more than $2.5 million annually. The Great Santa Run, a record breaking event featuring thousands of runners in Santa garb and in 2013, involved Shania Twain as Grand Marshall. Linda also created the World Santa Challenge that features Santa Runs in the U.S and across the continent.

• Solicitation of the new Las Vegas based NHL team before they set foot in town and securing $700k in anticipated annual revenue through a $1 per seat ticket sales.

• Linda has the innate ability to engage major corporations, philanthropists and entertainers to support her cause. Celebrities who have become friends and supporters include Brad Garrett, David Copper eld, Wayne Newton, Celine Dion, Tom Jones, Shania Twain and Penn Jillette whose recent appearances on Celebrity Apprentice raised over $2 million for the Village.

Active in various professional associations, Linda was named “Fundraising Executive of the Year” by the National Society of Fundraising Executives. She received the prestigious Woman of Achievement Award from the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. The Nevada System of Higher education conferred the Distinguished Nevadan Award for exceptional service to the State and Nation by influencing the well being of all mankind. Linda is a willing mentor to non-profits and organizations across the globe who reach out for her help. She recently received the Best Buddies International Super Hero Award and was awarded the Keys to the City by the Mayor of Las Vegas. Linda is traveling across the globe in support of nonprofits in need. Her memoir will be out on bookshelves in September 2017.   

Creative Abundance ConsultingTeam

Susan Dlouhy
Chief Operating Officer