On Site Consulting

Every consulting experience is unique because we respond to the unique interests and talents within your organization. The consulting takes place over two consecutive weeks. The project begins by meeting with the leadership team to solidify the goals for the project and discuss the parameters of the consulting. Training for leadership team, managers, direct support staff, board members and invited community members is an integral part of the consulting process. The training typically takes place over a two-day span in order to make sure it is available to everyone within the organization.

The next phase of the project is to introduce a “making space”. A making space is designed with areas of creative exploration that allow for people to work together on individual projects. The concept of collaborative making is also introduced. Before we begin, we learn about space, equipment and material availability. If there is an interest in sewing then we will focus on a sewing project. If a site has a woodworking shop and people familiar with building we would design a project using the talents and equipment already present within your organization. We introduce the concept of creative making/programming with your staff and individuals by sharing examples of successful projects from like organizations. Once participants see what is possible we ride that wave of excitement and jump into making.

As consultants, we facilitate the experience and build hands-on making projects with individuals and staff. We are driven to create a positive and exciting experience for your participants. We understand that the continuation of programming is dependent on staff buying into the concept, picking up the ball and running with it after the consulting experience. We see our training as an intense staff development opportunity that encourages innovative approaches and builds on the talents and interests of staff members and individuals you are serving.

Arts Programming Consultation – Whether an organization is experienced with arts programming or just getting started, we can help further programming with technical assistance in the areas of payment practices, marketing, sales, product development, and social media presence.

Vision Plans – We work with boards and leadership teams toward identifying and mapping the envisioned organizational change.

Documentary Screening / Panel Discussions – Public or private screening of Creative Abundance: A Documentary Film with follow-up questions and answers with Patty Mitchell and Susan Dlouhy whose work is featured in the film.

Book Signings – Public or private book signing events/meet and greet with Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell, authors of Upcycling Sheltered Workshops: A Revolutionary Approach to Transforming Workshops into Creative Spaces.

Regional Seminars – Full day presentations on the Creative Abundance Model, its implementation and how it aligns with new Center for Medicaid Services regulations.

State and National Policy Discussions – Meetings with key stakeholders and policy setting entities about transforming services to the Creative Abundance Model.

Experiential Consulting