Keynote addresses, conference presentations and full-day seminars are offered by Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell, authors of Upcycling Sheltered Workshops. Susan and Patty offer a vibrant, timely message delivered with enthusiasm and passion. Current challenges, such as meeting the new guidelines from The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), are addressed through innovative approaches and actual experiences by this team. The Creative Abundance Model (CAM) is shared as the framework for transforming traditional day programs and workshops into community-centric spaces. The CAM is also offered as a context for leadership and social change within any organization. As a professional artist, Patty has taken many photographs, which are shared to help the audience to emotionally connect with the presentations.

Keynote Presentations – Start your meeting or conference with a dynamic presentation that will engage audiences and set the tone for learning and innovation.

Pre-Conference Workshops – Full and half-day intensive sessions about the Creative Abundance Model and its application to diverse populations and organizations.

Break-Out Sessions – One to two hour workshops that physically engage the audience in the creative process. These sessions are fun, entertaining and team-building exercises audiences will remember.

Staff Development – Full and half-day in-service sessions about the Creative Abundance Model, tailored to the host organization.