Arts Programming Consulting

Passion Works is an international leader in collaborative community arts programming. For 20 years participants and staff have been advancing approaches and project ideas within an environment full of joy and excitement. From how to organize a painting station, making adaptive equipment, facilitating collaborations, partnering with higher education…the studio has studied it and more. We want to share tips and tricks to help organizations quickly advance. Once you witness what is possible- you’ll want it for your own organization and we can help!

One Hour Tour
Schedule time to visit Passion Works individually or with a group (up to 30 people). We will give you a tour, introduce you to our staff and artists, answer your questions and give you time to shop in our store.

Half Day Tour and Introduction
Schedule time to visit Passion Works individually or with a small group (up to 6 people). We will give you a tour, introduce you to our team of staff and artists, talk about the Creative Abundance Model and let you experience some time in the studio. We end the day with lunch and a “round-up session” to process your observations.

One – Five Day Immersion Training
Immersion Training is available for individuals or small groups (up to 6 people). After your half-day introduction to Passion Works and the Creative Abundance Model, you will have the opportunity to become fully engaged by working side-by-side with our staff and artists. Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell will be on-site to guide you through the process. We end each day with a “round-up session” to process what has been learned and your observations.

How are Passion Works and Creative Abundance Consulting Connected?
Creative Abundance CEO, Patty Mitchell founded Passion Works in 1998. She began an experimental art studio within a sheltered workshop in Athens, Ohio. She approached the opportunity collaborating with people through individual interests and ability. The studio grew
and also responded to needs of the sheltered workshop (engaging programming, employment options) and community (volunteer participation, cultural identity, tourist destination, higher education service learning).

Passion Works has been wildly successful creating fine art, holding gallery exhibitions, and designing public art works and products. Its signature product, the Passion Flower, is the “Official Flower of Athens Ohio”. Over 27,000 hand painted sculptural flowers have been made from up-cycled aluminum. Passion Work Artists are recognized and truly renowned celebrities.

Creative Abundance Chief Operating Officer, Susan Dlouhy, is an experienced Adult Day Program and Sheltered Workshop Administrator, 25 year CARF surveyor, and consultant with a passion for advancing programming.
The expertise of each created a new training approach supporting an organization’s desire to shift traditional programing into creative making spaces. Rethinking space and responding to the interests of staff and participants have encouraged programs to naturally meet their goals of designing engaging and community integrated programing.


Guest lectures for university classes and presentations about professional opportunities working with people with disabilities are offered by the Creative Abundance Team (art, communications, family studies, rehabilitation, counseling, education, etc.).  Consulting is offered for universities who are interested in building an area of study or certificate program focused on the interdisciplinary study of shifting traditional institutional services supporting people with disabilities to creative, community centric and responsive programming.  

Passion Works / Creative Abundance Training Center

Creative Abundance Model Experiential Consulting

Creative Abundance Consulting has a team of artists and social entrepreneurs who are ready to help you advance your arts programming to the next level.

Our team of artists has demonstrated experience in photography, giant puppet building, doll-making, sewing, book-binding, stamping and much more.

Our administrative team can assist with fund-raising, making community connections, organizing events, sale of artwork and more.

If you are just starting out exploring the arts or have an existing art program and would like to move into product development, community inclusion or just like to try something new we are happy to assist you in your adventure.


​Keynote addresses, conference presentations and full-day seminars are offered by Susan Dlouhy and Patty Mitchell, authors of Upcycling Sheltered Workshops. Susan and Patty offer a vibrant, timely message delivered with enthusiasm and passion. Current challenges, such as meeting the new guidelines from The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS), are addressed through innovative approaches and actual experiences by this team. The Creative Abundance Model (CAM) is shared as the framework for transforming traditional day programs and workshops into community-centric spaces. The CAM is also offered as a context for leadership and social change within any organization. As a professional artist, Patty has taken many photographs, which are shared to help the audience to emotionally connect with the presentations.

Keynote Presentations

Academic and University  Consulting

The Center for Medicaid Services (CMS) and the United States Department of Justice are sweeping the country and demanding a change in the way services are delivered to individuals with disabilities. Services must be provided in integrated, community settings.  


We offer the 12 Stage Creative Abundance Model for changing traditional sheltered workshops and adult day programs into community-centric programming.  We believe that everything we need to make this change already exists:  abundance and creativity.  We also believe that the Creative Abundance Model can be applied to many settings (nursing homes, day treatment programs, recovery programs, gender specific programs, senior centers).  

Every consulting experience is unique because we respond to the unique interests and talents within your organization.  The consulting takes place over two consecutive weeks. The project begins by meeting with the leadership team to solidify the goals for the project and discuss the parameters of the consulting.  Training for leadership team, managers, direct support staff, board members and invited community members is an integral part of the consulting process.  The training typically takes place over a two-day span in order to make sure it is available to everyone within the organization.

The next phase of the project is to introduce a “making space”. A making space is designed with areas of creative exploration that allow for people to work together on individual projects. The concept of collaborative art making is also introduced.  We introduce creative programming with your staff and individuals by sharing examples of successful projects from like organizations. Once participants see what is possible we ride that wave of excitement and jump into art making.

We are driven to create a positive and exciting experience for your participants. We understand that the continuation of programming is dependent on staff buying into the concept, picking up the ball and running with it after the consulting is over. We see consulting as an intense staff development opportunity that encourages innovative approaches and builds on the talents and interests of staff members and individuals you are serving.